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Aidan Toker

Where they Work: Lucid Cannabis

8About Aidan:

What got you into cannabis?

I was always interested in cannabis, why it was outlawed when it showed so many medicinal benefits to back it up. All the different ways you can use it and all the science that goes behind it. Humans have been using it longer than we know.

What’s your Budtender style?

I am super friendly and try to make your experience in the shop a personable one! Once you walk in the doors, you’re less of a customer and more of a friend.

What’s your favorite product format?

I prefer a bong myself, I paid for a very nice custom glass piece so I try and use it when it’s nice out:)

What’s your favorite type of strain?

I prefer heavy indica strains, I’ll try them all out but I’ll always go back to a skunky, gassy, eye lid dropping indica strain.