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Anastazea Power

Where they Work: Pufftastic Cannabis Toronto

About Anastazea:

What got you into cannabis?

I got into cannabis for a few reasons, one is to experience the psychological effects and how it interacts within my daily life. Another is to learn how to make my own oils and edibles as I am often allergic to the MCT oil used by most brands.

What’s your Budtender style?

I would say my budtending style is informative and fun, I like to educate customers about similar strains, lineage, terpenes and how they can impact their high. I enjoy learning about different strain crosses and seeing how they taste and hit and informing my customers of my opinions and thoughts.

What’s your favorite product format?

My go to product format is 100% flower because you can do so much with it; pack a bowl, roll it, press it, make edibles, collect the kief and make some hash, it’s the most versatile or resourceful option In my opinion.

What’s your favorite type of strain?

My favorite type of strain would be indica for the effects; the relaxation, the nice wind down after my day and to aid with some pain. I also enjoy the terpenes that favor indica strains like Myrcene, Linalool, Humulene and Limonene.