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Kayla Mcgregor

Where they Work: Kasa Kana Peterborough

About Kayla:

What got you into cannabis?

I got involved in the Cannabis industry after suffering from severe complications and pain due to a car accident many years ago. Upon discovery of the medical benefits of pain relief and the treatment of neurological deficiencies through the use of CBD, I sought employment in the industry prior to legalization to further my knowledge and discover the many potential treatment options that Cannabis can offer for the consumer on so many levels. My husband Kris has been involved in the industry for many years and has been a significant contributing factor to my desire to know more and do more in the industry. Always having someone to bounce ideas off, comparing treatment and methods of use has been very rewarding and helpful for my growth in the industry.

What’s your Budtender style?

My style first and foremost is to listen to the requirements, ailments, past/current experiences of each customer. Some are generic, some are specific, and some people are visiting a cannabis retail store for the very first time,but in every case if you’re paying enough attention and asking the right questions, it gets easier to narrow down the scope of their needs. Ultimately, being forthcoming with customers regarding the management of their expectations and the outcome of their visit goes a long way, and typically leads to return customers who trust in your opinion and the information you’re providing them with.

What’s your favorite product format?

My favorite product format has to be the 510 Thread Vape carts. Not only does FIGR offer some of the best cartridges on the market (I’ve never personally, nor have we as a store had to return a unit due to clogging, faulty atomizers etc…) but the flavours are clean, the strain selection is great, and I can’t say enough about the size and shape of the mouth pieces, SO FANTASTIC! Also as someone constantly on the go, having the ease of use and portability is hard to beat!

What’s your favorite type of strain?

My favorite strains are the heavy body sensation inducing Indicas. As a means of relaxation and the peak of enjoyment after a long day, it just doesn’t get any better.